AGM called: Students’ Union to Discuss Sugarhouse Petitions

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Petitions seeking to steer and reform the Union will be considered at the Annual General Meeting

Lancaster University Students’ Union will meet at 6:30 pm on Monday 28th October for its Annual General Meeting in George Fox. All are welcome to join. The Union will discuss (among other things) two petitions which were created following the decision to enter negotiations to sell The Sugarhouse.

The “Save Our Sugarhouse” petition, which has received over 1,100 votes, is the first of these. Jack O’Dwyer-Henry’s petition asks the Union to “consult openly with students on the future of Sugar, release the full minutes of the meetings where the sale was decided for transparency” and urges “Trustees to appear before the student body in a general meeting where students can question them on the nature of the decision.”

The second petition to be discussed recommends “A Trustee Board With A Majority Of Student-Elected Representatives”. It has received over 200 votes. Its author, Atree Ghosh, argues “the only way to stop decisions such as the discussions to sell the Sugarhouse in the future will be to have a board where student elected members are in a simple majority”

These petitions can be found on the Union’s website:

Also on the agenda

Officer reports; trustee annual report; affiliations for 2019-20; Union accounts; approval of the minutes in the previous meeting; open questions to trustees and officers.

Union members who wish to add a motion to the agenda still have time to do so. The deadline for submissions is noon on Monday 21st October.

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