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So why are you called PULSAR? And what’s the society all about?

PULSAR stands for ‘People of the University of Lancaster Society for Alternate Realities’. It’s a bit of a mouthful granted, but it was put into our constitution since someone a while back didn’t like it so they put it in as a joke and it still stands today. We basically watch science-fiction, fantasy, and horror films so as long as it fits that remit we can watch anything we want really in the general meetings.

Could you describe a typically meeting?

We meet up at 6pm at Trev to all catch up on the week before moving to which ever lecture theatre we have for the night at 6:30. Normally it’s Furness LT 1, but sometimes we can’t get that so then it’s just which ever room got booked for the night. At the start of each term we vote on a tv show to watch, this term it’s Santa Clarita Diet, and we will watch one episode of the show before the film chosen for that week. After that, we normally go back to Trev until they kick us out. I my opinion, it’s possibly one of the most laid back societies on campus.

Who would you say the society will appeal to?

I think that it would appeal to anyone that like science-fiction, fantasy, or horror. We send out a newsletter every week with what will be shown and if you don’t like it then you don’t have to come. A lot of the members are science, engineering, or mathematics majors apart from a Linguistics MA student and me. I still find it funny that I lead the society even though I do history. What I mean is that everyone is welcome to come along, we’re an accommodating peoples.

What’s your favourite memory from being part of PULSAR?

I think one of my favourite memories was of the zombie bar crawl last year. I was the new social sec and had to somehow organise it all even though I had never been on it or had any idea. It ended up being so much fun, it was a really great way to blow off some steam in the middle of exams. It was also a really surreal experience walking into Cartmel bar and entering the toilets to fill up a bag full of water pistols.

Any plans for the society coming up next year?

We’ve got a Bob Ross social next week, it’s basically just we all meet up and have Bob Ross talk about his happy little trees while we revise. Week 6 has the famed zombie bar crawl, we run around campus between bars while escaping zombies. We’ve also got the end of the year BBQ, which is always a fun event. Since it’s term 3, we don’t have much planned because of exams.

How would a newcomer go about getting involved?

Newcomers can find us on our facebook page,, or send us an email,, or you can just come along to one of our meetings and have a look for yourself.

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