Fashion Blogging 101:

There’s a new breed of fashion icons gracing the world, and they are not the common day celebrities we used to. Fashion blogging has taken both the internet and fashion world by storm, allowing...

Tear It Up

Despite the notorious Lancaster rain, we can’t get enough of ripped jeans this season. Not a newcomer in the fashion world, this style has fallen in and out of fashion since the 1980s, but it...

Wardrobe essentials for Lancaster students

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If you thought the British weather was unpredictable before you arrived at university then you’re in for a shock here in Lancaster, where you can walk to a lecture in the sun and exit it an hour later into a torrential downpour. Whilst there is little you can do to change this, here I have compiled a list of ten wardrobe essentials that might just help you prepare for every eventuality.